Frequently Asked Questions

Today, there are many apps that offer a cab service to clients, yet none can duplicate the safety and reliability of ABC Cab Co. We are experienced professionals that build long-lasting and reliable relationships with our clients and never disappoint them. None of our drivers ever cancel a booking or are unsafe. We prioritize customer service and are also very affordable. If clients need a cab to go to and fro from the airport and need a reliable source, we are often the first choice they make. Ride-sharing applications might have made the ability to get access to transit easily; however, they can never assure the safety, reliability, and customer service that we bring to the table. On this page, we provide insights to many of the questions we have received from customers over the years and have done our best to address them all. If customers need more details, they can reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help. We are trained, trusted, and reliable professionals known to exceed expectations for clients across the entire Harrisonburg, VA area.

Do you provide airport transit?

Yes. If you are ever looking for a reliable taxi service, then the search ends with us. We are extremely punctual and never cancel on our clients at the last moment, leaving them stranded. We are also very transparent with our clients about how we do business, and over the years, we have built a level of credibility for ourselves that is unmatched.

Is pre-booking your cab necessary?

It is entirely dependent on the length of your journey with us and the kind of vehicle you desire. We advise pre-booking your transit with us so we can accommodate all your requirements without any oversight occurring and provide you with a reliable and comfortable experience while traveling with us to your destination.

Can I choose the vehicle type for my journey?

Yes. We have access to a wide range of vehicles in our fleet, and depending on the requirements of the customers placed before us, we ensure that the right vehicles are sent out. All our vehicles are well-kept and are maintained, with safety being the highest priority. We also have contingency plans in place in the situation in which one of our vehicles breaks down during the journey with a client.

How much more expensive is hiring a cab than ride-sharing?

The difference in cost is compensated duly by the reliability and customer service we bring to the table. We have made an effort to be as affordable as possible, and the final cost of transit depends on the distance to be covered and the type of vehicle clients desire.

How experienced are you?

As highly reliable and trained professionals, we have been serving our community for the better part of a decade. Our skills and the work ethic we bring to the table as a cab company are both second to none. Trusting us for transit needs will make sure that you are at peace and feel comfortable and safe during the journey.

We are confident in our skills and believe that once clients go through the details we have provided on this page, they will be more than confident about hiring us. However, we are also open to addressing any specific questions that potential customers might have. Simply contact ABC Cab Co at (540) 564-1214, and our trained professionals will be happy to give you all the additional insights to determine if we fit your precise needs. Our offers are genuinely unmatched across the entire Harrisonburg, VA area, making ABC cab the right choice for all your transit needs.

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